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Diabetes and Wounds Radin Diabetes Clinic under the management of Dr. Mehdi Khaleghinia, Infectious and Wound Specialist, using the latest equipment and the latest technologies in the field of diabetes wound treatment in the world, and with services such as diabetic wound treatment, bed sore treatment, Treatment of burn wounds, treatment of infectious wounds, laser wound therapy, etc. are at the service of all dear ones.

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To contact and receive free wound counseling, you can call (98)34-32127407. Radin Clinic always welcomes you dear ones. Click on the link below to see other ways to contact Radin Diabetes Clinic.

Why Radin Clinic?

Experienced specialists

Utilizing the best infectious and wound specialists in Radin Clinic

quality of service

Distinctive service quality, very clean, professional and sterile environment

Advanced Equipment

Use of the latest and most modern medical equipment in Radin Clinic

Our main service

Wound Ozone Therapy

Treatment of infectious wounds

Treatment of diabetic ulcers

New cold plasma technology in the treatment of diabetic wounds

New high power laser technology in the treatment of diabetic wounds

Checking the blood supply to the legs (arteries) with the latest equipment in the world

Before and after treatment of diabetic ulcers

قبل و بعد از درمان زخم دیابتی
قبل و بعد درمان زخم دیابتی

Any action that causes damage to the skin and tissues of the body will cause scarring. Wounds are generally divided into open and closed. Open wounds are those wounds in which the skin (the body's protective surface, the mucous membrane) breaks and opens, allowing foreign matter to enter the tissues. However, in the case of closed wounds, the damaged tissue is not exposed to the outside environment, and the healing process of these wounds occurs without interference due to infection.

Some of our services

Diabetic Wound Treatment, Bed Wound Treatment, Infectious Wound Treatment, Vascular Wound Treatment, Wound Vacuum Therapy, Ozone Wound Therapy, Fresh and Deep Wound Treatment, Diabetic Wound Treatment with the latest technologies such as cold plasma and high power laser, blood transfusion study Legs (arteries) with the latest equipment in the world, etc. are among the services of Radin Clinic.